Flare (FLR) token listing and airdrop to eligible users

01/16/2023, 12:59 PM

Flare (FLR) token listing and airdrop to eligible users

Bitcoin Store listed Flare (FLR) token and will support the airdrop to users who held at least one XRP token during the snapshot in December 2020.

Bitcoin Store is proud to announce the listing of a new token - Flare (FLR).

Additionally, we are happy to announce that we will support the airdrop of the Flare (FLR) token to eligible users according to Flare project guidelines.

What is Flare (FLR)?

Flare is a Layer-1 blockchain platform that serves as an oracle network that aims to improve interoperability between different decentralized applications (DApps) and other blockchain networks.

The FLR token allows its holders to take part in the protocol governance. Users can also earn rewards with the token.

Flare mainnet launched on July 11 and has already processed over 70 million transactions.

Bitcoin Store will support the airdrop of the FLR token to eligible XRP holders.

Read below the airdrop details.

How many Flare (FLR) tokens will be airdropped?

Flare token (FLR) airdrop process began on January 9, 2023. A total of 28.5 billion FLR tokens will be distributed via airdrop.

According to project tokenomics and distribution plan, 15% will be distributed on January 9, 2023, and the rest will be  distributed every month for the next 36-month period.

The pie chart showing the tokenomics and token allocation of the Flare token (FLR).
Flare (FLR) tokenomics chart.

Who can pariciapte in the Flare (FLR) token airdrop?

Bitcoin Store users who held Ripple (XRP) in their portfolio on 12/12/2020 will receive a Flare (FLR) token through the airdrop process.

How many Flare (FLR) tokens can I receive?

The amount of FLR you could receive depends on how much XRP you had in your Bitcoin Store account on 12/12/2020. According to Flare project guidelines, the user will receive 0.1511 FLR for every 1 XRP held in the balance on 12/12/2020.

You can follow all the information about the Flare token airdrop on the official Flare project website.

*Note: The token distribution method in the following 36 months will  depend on the outcome of the community vote on Flare Improvement Proposal 01.