Frequently Asked Questions about crypto

Learn all the information about cryptocurrencies and how to trade using Bitcoin Store platform.

Bitcoin Store Platform

How to create an account?

  1. Click Getting Started on the Bitcoin Store platform and select the type of account you want to create (Personal or Business).

  2. Enter the requested information and confirm that you are at least 18 years old and accept the Terms of Use.

  3. Confirm e-mail subscription for notifications about promotions and cryptocurrency news (optional).

  4. Click Create Account, and the Bitcoin Store will send a confirmation e-mail to your provided e-mail address.

  5. Open your e-mail inbox and click on the link in the e-mail to confirm your email address.

After successful e-mail confirmation, your account will be created, and you can access the Bitcoin Store platform with your login details.
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How to verify the account?

To gain full access to the Bitcoin Store platform without restrictions, you need to verify your account.

Account verification confirms the user's identity according to EU regulations and (KYC) policy. 

Bitcoin Store uses an external provider for verification, through which the user's identity is checked and confirmed.

During the verification process, it is necessary to attach a valid identity card or other personal document depending on the country of residence.

Instructions for successful verification:

1. Take a picture of the front and back of your personal document.

*NoteAllow access to your device's camera so that the verification process can take place. 

It is necessary to have good lighting in the room and place the document on a flat surface so that there are no reflections when taking a picture of the document

2. After taking a picture of both sides of your ID, take a selfie as instructed by the system.

*NoteIf you are taking a selfie using a mobile device, make sure your face is in focus. 

If your photo is blurry, click the button to restart the camera. Make sure the room has good lighting. Please do not wear a hat, or sunglasses or use filters when taking a live selfie.

After the completion of the process, you will receive an email notification about the verification status.
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How to make a deposit?

Log in to your Bitcoin Store account.

  1. Click on Deposit.
  2. Select the deposit method.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  4. Enter all the necessary information for payment.

*Supported payment methods for depositing funds are:

  • Card payment (VISA, Mastercard), 
  • Internet or mobile banking
  • SEPA bank transfer
  • Cash in our physical walk-in cryptocurrency exchanges.

NoteThe minimum amount for buying or selling cryptocurrencies is 0.01 EUR.

Third-party payments on your Bitcoin Store account are not allowed!

After we receive your payment, the funds will be available in your Bitcoin Store Wallet, and you can start buying cryptocurrencies.
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Where can I check the current cryptocurrency exchange rate?

You can check the real-time cryptocurrency exchange rate (24/7) by clicking on the Prices page on the official Bitcoin Store website.

The exchange rate is updated every second following the global market, so you can get an instant insight into the price ratio of BTC/EUR and other cryptocurrencies.

The buying or selling rate will be specified during the cryptocurrency buying-selling process.
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Why am I experiencing problems with my account verification?

If your verification attempt was unsuccessful, you should have received an e-mail explaining why it failed.

You may experience verification problems because:

  • you have not entered all the information correctly
  • the photo of your personal document is blurry
  • your selfie image is blurry
  • you didn't follow the steps for taking a selfie
  • your country of residence is not supported

*NoteWe recommended that you place the identification document on a light surface (preferably white surface color) so that the entire document and all the information on it can be clearly seen.

Laptops and other webcams usually have poor image quality, so it is recommended that you verify your account on your smartphone/tablet device
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Why do I have to verify my account again?

Bitcoin Store requires all users to verify their identity to increase the security of their account and to make the platform compliant with EU regulations and policies.

Bitcoin Store will ask you to re-verify the account in the following cases:

  • your personal document (ID) has expired,
  • if you have not entered your personal information correctly,
  • if you verified your account before the new EU standards and laws were implemented.

You will receive a notification about the new verification process via e-mail.
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What is 2FA (two-factor authentication) Bitcoin Store account protection?

At Bitcoin Store, we always recommend our users to improve the security of their accounts and prevent attempts of unauthorized access with 2FA protection.

To protect your account with 2FA, you need to:

  • Download the "Google Authenticator" app on your smartphone/tablet device.

  • Log in to your Bitcoin Store account.

  • Click on the Bitcoin Store Profile icon and then "Security and Login".

  • Activate 2FA protection and follow the setup instructions.

After successful activation, each time you log in to the Bitcoin Store, you must also enter the code from the Google Authenticator to access your account.

Important: If you have lost your smartphone/tablet or deleted the Google Authenticator application, you will no longer be able to access your Bitcoin Store account.

To restore access to your account, please send us an e-mail to with your personal information, the Bitcoin Store Wallet account balance, and a selfie picture with an ID card.
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What is Bitcoin Store Wallet?

Bitcoin Store Wallet is a digital wallet used to securely store cryptocurrencies on the Bitcoin Store platform.

All registered and verified users gain access to the Bitcoin Store Wallet, where they can store more than 170 cryptocurrencies, including fiat currency EUR.

A digital wallet allows you to receive and send cryptocurrencies from one to another or to monitor your investments in real-time.

With Bitcoin Store Wallet, users can deposit and withdraw fiat funds (EUR) directly to their Bitcoin Store account.
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What is Bitcoin Store Wallet mobile app?

Bitcoin Store Wallet is the first Croatian mobile application for the secure purchasesale, and storage of cryptocurrencies

You can download the app for free on all Android and iOS devices.

Trade crypto with your smartphone or make a deposit or withdrawal in a few simple steps.
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How to receive cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Store Wallet?

You can receive more than 170 cryptocurrencies on your Bitcoin Store Wallet. 

To transfer cryptocurrencies from another wallet to a Bitcoin Store Wallet follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bitcoin Store account and click on the Bitcoin Store Wallet.

  2. Click on Deposit.

  3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to receive.

  4. Enter the quantity you want to deposit.

  5. A window with the QR code, deposit address, and the amount of crypto will appear.

  6. After sending the cryptocurrency from your wallet, click "Confirm payment".

  7. The cryptocurrency will be available on your Bitcoin Store Wallet within an hour.
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How to send cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin Store Wallet?

You can easily send all your cryptocurrencies bought on the Bitcoin Store platform to any other wallet. 

All you need is to enter the address of the wallet where you would like to send the cryptocurrencies.

Steps to send cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin Store Wallet to another wallet:

  1. Log in to your Bitcoin Store account and click on the Bitcoin Store Wallet (your cryptocurrency balance will be displayed there).

  2. Click on the cryptocurrency and select "Send".

  3. Enter the deposit address of your digital wallet. 

    *Notemake sure that your wallet address is correct. Cryptocurrency transfers can't be canceled or revoked.

  4. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send.

  5. Confirm the transaction on your Bitcoin Store Wallet and your e-mail address 

    *Bitcoin Store will send you a confirmation e-mail to your e-mail account.

*Note: For transfers of cryptocurrencies to personal wallets, it is necessary to pay a withdrawal fee. The fee will be shown to you in the process.

You can check cryptocurrency withdrawal fees here.
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What payment methods do you support?

Bitcoin Store supports EUR fiat deposits via:

  • Bank transfer (SEPA bank transfer)
  • Credit card (VISA, Mastercard)
  • Cash payment (in stores)
  • Internet and mobile banking
  • Revolut, Transferwise

*Note: entering “Reference number” within the Reference field is mandatory for bank transfers.
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How to earn with the Bitcoin Store referral program?

With the referral program, you can earn 20% of the Bitcoin Store fees for all transactions of every user that registered through your referral link.

How does the Bitcoin Store referral program work?

Every registered Bitcoin Store user has access to its unique referral link.

For each user who creates an account via your referral link, you will earn 20% of the Bitcoin Store fees for that transaction and all future transactions of that particular user in the next two years.

Your referral earnings will be added to your Bitcoin Store account within 24 hours of the successful transaction.

Participation in the program is free and the number of recommendations is unlimited.

*NoteBitcoin Store reserves the right to change the rules of the referral program.
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How can companies and small businesses start accepting cryptocurrencies?

Store Pay is a service that enables companies, service providers, and other legal entities to receive payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Store Pay is simple to use. 

It does not require special devices or advanced cryptocurrency knowledge.

In order to start accepting crypto with your business please contact us at or call us at +385 21 209 851.
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What is the minimum age for using the Bitcoin Store?

To open a Bitcoin Store account and trade cryptocurrencies, you have to be at least 18 years of age or older

Every registered user must verify the account. 

During the verification process, the user must provide an ID or other personal document to prove the identity and age.
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Do I need to pay tax on cryptocurrencies?

There is no unique policy in taxing cryptocurrency.

The rules for paying a tax on cryptocurrencies may be different for each country.

This depends on how the laws of each country define cryptocurrency, and what type of tax system is utilized in the particular country. 

Some countries have flexible regulations on cryptocurrency, while some treat it as a source of income you have to report.

Right now, most countries recognize cryptocurrencies as digital assets or property, which attract capital gains. 

This is why you will probably have to pay some sort of income tax or tax on capital gains in the country where you reside.
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How to protect yourself from scams?

The best way to protect yourself from scams is through constant education and due diligence.

The most common scams nowadays include unknown people who present themselves as “brokers”. 

They persuade their target to invest in cryptocurrencies by offering a quick return on investment.

In reality, fake brokers want to get access to your personal information and money for their own benefit. 

Also, many investment-related websites, while looking legit at first, are actually phishing sites designed to steal your personal information and money.

If you are a beginner in cryptocurrency trading, the first thing you need to do is do your own due diligence. 

Learning which platforms are secure and licensed to trade cryptocurrencies is mandatory.

Always follow updates and warnings issued by Financial regulatory agencies. 

*Note: Never share your personal information over the phone with people who might sound suspicious, or on suspicious websites.
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Why is Bitcoin Store a safe and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform?

Bitcoin Store is a safe and regulated platform for buying, selling, or storing cryptocurrencies. 

It was founded in 2013, and since then it has been operating in Croatia and across Europe.

The protection of all users and their assets is our number one priority, which is why we apply the highest security and KYC standards and operate in accordance with all laws and financial regulations.

Digital Assets d.o.o. is the company that owns the Bitcoin Store platform and brand. 

The company complies with all laws of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union and is licensed to provide cryptocurrency trading services.

As a licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange Digital Assets d.o.o. has implemented a set of regulatory requirements in relation to anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT).

6 reasons why Bitcoin Store is a safe and reliable crypto trading platform:

  • The most favorable exchange rate for selling/buying cryptocurrencies.

  • Offering more than 170 cryptocurrencies for trading.

  • More than 50,000 satisfied users and customers.

  • A simple platform for beginners in investing or trading cryptocurrencies.

  • Physical stores in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, and Osijek.

  • Cryptocurrency trading app available on iOS and Android devices
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Why should I choose the Bitcoin Store platform?

Bitcoin Store platform makes cryptocurrency trading more accessible than ever. 

You can easily buy, store, sell, and manage cryptocurrency portfolios all in one place.

It fully complies with all laws and regulatory institutions to provide high protection and ensure user trust.

The platform has dedicated customer support that will meet the needs of every individual user. 

In addition to our online 24/7 customer support, every user can have on-spot consultations in one of our walk-in cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Our user base is constantly growing; therefore, we always strive to improve existing services and create new valuable products.
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Cryptocurrency trading

How to buy cryptocurrencies?

  1. Log in to your Bitcoin Store account.
  2. Click “Trade”.
  3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  4. Enter the amount in EUR or the amount of cryptocurrencies you want to buy.
  5. Confirm the purchase.

After completing the process, the purchased cryptocurrency will be immediately visible on your Bitcoin Store Wallet balance.
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How to sell cryptocurrencies?

  1. Log in to your Bitcoin Store account
  2. In your Bitcoin Store Wallet, click on the cryptocurrency you want to sell
  3. Click on the Sell tab and enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to sell
  4. Confirm the sale process.

After completing all the steps, the amount in EUR fiat currency will be immediately visible on your Bitcoin Store Wallet and available for withdrawal to your bank account - IBAN.
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What is the fee for trading cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin store does not charge a fee when buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are bought/sold exclusively at their buying or selling exchange rate.

The Bitcoin Store exchange rate may differ by 1% to 4% compared to the exchange rates of other global exchanges.

SEPA deposit and withdrawal of funds (EUR) are without fees.

You can check the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies in real-time here.
The exchange rate may change depending on the quantity entered when placing the order. 

Cash transactions in the Bitcoin Store walk-in cryptocurrency exchanges are made exclusively with EUR currency.

The exchange rate for non-cash transactions is more favorable than the exchange rate for cash transactions due to the costs of handling cash. 

The exchange rate for cash transactions is visible in the physical walk-in cryptocurrency exchanges and changes in real-time.

In Bitcoin Store physical walk-in exchanges, you can also get a rate for cashless transactions if you tell our employees that you want to make a bank payment or withdrawal.
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Can I buy cryptocurrencies as a legal person (via a company, craft, etc.)?

Yes. You can buy cryptocurrencies on the Bitcoin Store platform as a legal person (via your company, craft, or another form of business). 

To do that you need to register on the Bitcoin Store platform as a Business account.

You can start trading cryptocurrencies as a company only after the account is verified by a person authorized to represent the company.
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What cryptocurrencies can I buy or sell on the Bitcoin Store platform?

On the Bitcoin Store platform, you can buy or sell BitcoinEthereumLitecoinRippleCardanoDogeCoin,Polkadot, Tether, and other cryptocurrencies, including the most popular:

  • altcoins
  • DeFi tokens
  • fan tokens
  • NFT tokens 
  • GameFi tokens

Currently, you can find more than 170 cryptocurrencies in the offer. 

You can trade at the current exchange rate and without additional fees.
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How to withdraw funds (EUR) to your bank account?

You can withdraw fiat money directly from your Bitcoin Store Wallet to your bank account.

To withdraw money directly to your bank account follow these steps:

  1. In your Bitcoin Store Wallet portfolio, click on the fiat currency you wish to withdraw,
  2. Click on "Withdraw",
  3. Enter your bank account information,
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw,
  5. Confirm that you are withdrawing money directly to your bank account,
  6. Click "Confirm Withdrawal".

You will receive a confirmation e-mail. 

Click the "Confirm Withdrawal" button in this e-mail.

*NoteBitcoin Store usually processes your withdrawal request within one hour. 

Once the request is processed, the funds may take 1-3 days to reach your bank account. However, the funds will usually reach your bank account within 24 hours.

Please, keep in mind that banks are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Holidays in Croatia may differ from holidays in your country.

Most banks don't process transactions outside of business hours; therefore, transfer delays may occur.
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What is the average transaction processing time?

Credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard) are instant. 

Payments made by SEPA bank transferinternet, or mobile banking usually take up to 3 hours (1 working day maximum).

*Notethe transaction processing time will mostly depend on your bank.

The speed of deposit or withdrawal of cryptocurrencies depends on:

  • the blockchain network (through which cryptocurrencies are transferred)
  • network traffic (number of transactions in a single network)
  • type of wallets used for sending the cryptocurrencies

It takes approximately an hour (after the transaction) for cryptocurrencies to be visible in your wallet.
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What is Bitcoin Store Discount code and can I use it?

Bitcoin Store platform users can receive a Discount Code as part of Bitcoin Store marketing promotions.

The discount refers to the percentage of the fees for a single transaction.

You can use the code when making a purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies on our website.

When you receive the Discount Code simply enter the code in the provided field. 

Once you enter the code, the discount will be applied automatically.
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Why is my Credit Card declined?

When making a deposit or buying cryptocurrency your Credit Card can be declined in the following cases:

  • You used someone else's Credit Card (the Credit Card holder's name and surname are different from the name on the Bitcoin Store account).

  • You used a card that is not supported on the Bitcoin Store platform (currently you can only buy cryptocurrencies with VISA and Mastercard cards).

  • Your bank does not support the purchase of cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card. In this case, you will have to contact your bank to authorize the purchase.

  • You used a card that was reported as lost or stolen.

  • You used a card that does not support online purchases.

  • Your card does not support the 3D security protocol for purchase authorization.

*ImportantCredit Card holder's name must be the same as in your Bitcoin Store account

If your Credit Card got declined but your issue is not listed above, you can contact our customer support via live chat or via e-mail at
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How to use the correct network when sending or depositing cryptocurrencies?

Transferring cryptocurrencies from one digital wallet to another requires that both wallets are connected to the same blockchain network.

Otherwise, if the transaction is carried out your funds may be lost (because the wallets can't communicate with each other due to network incompatibility).

For example, if you send Bitcoin (BTC) from your wallet to another, you should select only the Bitcoin blockchain network for the transfer.

Ethereum and all ERC-20 tokens should be sent or received via the ETH/ERC-20 network.

The Bitcoin Store platform supports multiple networks for sending or depositing cryptocurrencies to the Bitcoin Store Wallet.

When sending or receiving cryptocurrency, please check whether the network displayed in your order is identical to the network of the external platform.
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How to send or receive crypto on multiple networks?

Sometimes, due to the congestion of blockchain networks, the fees can be higher for individual users and institutions. 

The Bitcoin Store platform enables users to save on their crypto transfer fees by choosing the transfer network.

This option will allow you to select from more than one blockchain network when sending or receiving the asset using Bitcoin Store.

When sending or receiving crypto on the Bitcoin Store platform:

  • a default network is already selected and it will be shown to you during your transaction,

  • if you wish to change the transfer network simply click on "Change", and select the preferable network,

  • always make sure that the same network is being used by both sender and the recipient.

*ImportantIf you are sending or receiving crypto, please make sure that you are using the correct network. Cryptocurrencies with multi-network support must be transferred through the same network on sending and receiving end.

If you transfer crypto using the incorrect network, Bitcoin Store does not have the ability to recover your funds.

If you do not understand how multi-network transfers work, we recommend contacting our support before transferring crypto
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What is the "Price alert" feature and how to activate it?

The “Price Notification” feature allows users to receive an automatic email notification when a specific cryptocurrency reaches a user-defined target price (price percentage change).

If you want to activate price alerts follow these steps:

  • log in to your Bitcoin Store account,
  • click on "Prices",
  • select the cryptocurrency,
  • click on the bell icon next to the name of the cryptocurrency,
  • set a price or a percentage of the price change.

*NoteIt is possible to set notifications for multiple cryptocurrencies.

Once the price reaches the level you previously defined, you will automatically receive a notification in your e-mail inbox. 

If you want to remove the notification, click again on the cryptocurrency you selected, the bell icon, and simply turn off the notification.
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What is the cheapest cryptocurrency?

The value of cryptocurrencies depends on many factors. 

It is important to emphasize that the difference between "cheap" and "expensive" cryptocurrencies primarily refers to the total number of certain cryptocurrencies in circulation.

Just because a cryptocurrency is cheap doesn't necessarily mean it will ever reach the price of Bitcoin.

Market conditions also dictate the price of all cryptocurrencies.
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What determines the increase or decrease of cryptocurrency prices?

There are several factors that determine the price of a cryptocurrency:

  • the amount of a particular cryptocurrency in circulation
  • supply and demand
  • availability on crypto exchanges exchanges
  • the technology that drives the cryptocurrency
  • political regulations, state laws
  • the level of mass adoption of a particular cryptocurrency

Some cryptocurrencies will never reach the value of Bitcoin. The reason for this is the total amount of coins in circulation. 

Some cryptocurrencies have more than 100 billion coins in circulation. 

A large amount of coins in circulation usually means that the price of a single coin goes around €1.

However, this doesn’t mean that investors can’t take profits out of these cryptocurrencies. 

As the entire cryptocurrency market grows, so do all other cryptocurrencies. 

If the market grows, the initial price of €1 can reach €2.
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Exchange offices

How to buy or sell cryptocurrencies for cash?

To buy a cryptocurrency for cash, visit us at one of our physical walk-in cryptocurrency exchanges in ZagrebRijekaOsijek, or Split.

All you have to do is present the email address of your Bitcoin Store account or the address of the wallet to which will we send the purchased cryptocurrency.

ImportantIt is preferable to have the wallet address in digital form (eg, QR code).

All transactions of 
EUR 1000,00 and above require confirmation of your identity at the store (identity card).

To sell cryptocurrency for cash, it is necessary to send cryptocurrency from your wallet to the deposit address provided by an employee at the store branch.

Cash in EUR will be paid to you after the cryptocurrency has been successfully received.

You can check the opening hours and location of walk-in cryptocurrency exchanges here.
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How to deposit cash to Bitcoin Store account?

In Bitcoin Store physical walk-in cryptocurrency exchanges, you can deposit cash directly to your Bitcoin Store account.

All you have to do is provide the branch employee with the email address of your Bitcoin Store user account and deposit the desired amount in cash (EUR).

The amount you deposited will be immediately visible on your Bitcoin Store Wallet and available to buy cryptocurrencies via the Bitcoin Store platform.
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Can I consult in the branch offices?

In Bitcoin Store physical walk-in cryptocurrency exchanges in cities ZagrebRijekaOsijek, and Split we offer consulting services. 

If you are a beginner in cryptocurrencies or want to know more about the functionality of the Bitcoin Store platform, you can book an appointment in one of our branches with a prior phone announcement.

Our professional staff is available for all questions related to cryptocurrencies.

*Bitcoin Store is not authorized to provide financial advice. Our opinions are for informational purposes only and can not be considered a basis for investment.
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Where can I buy or sell cryptocurrencies in Zagreb?

You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in the Bitcoin Store exchange offices at three locations in Zagreb.

In Bitcoin Store exchange offices you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for cash, and you can seek help from professional staff.

Registered Bitcoin Store platform users can visit any Bitcoin Store physical exchange office and deposit cash on their Bitcoin Store Wallet. 

The deposited amount will be visible instantly in the wallet.

Location 1Bitcoin Store Exchange - City Center One East, Slavonska avenija 11d, Zagreb

Location 2Bitcoin Store Exchange - Z Centar, Ljubljanska avenija 2b, Zagreb

Location 3
Partner exchange office - Vlaška ul. 21, Zagreb
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Where can I buy or sell cryptocurrencies in Split?

You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in the Bitcoin Store exchange office in Split at the address: Ulica Hrvatske Mornarice 1C.

Working hours:

  • Monday-Friday 08:00 - 20:00
  • Saturday 08:00 - 14:00

In the Bitcoin Store exchange office in Split, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for cash, and you can seek help from professional staff.

Registered Bitcoin Store platform users can visit any Bitcoin Store physical exchange office and deposit cash on their Bitcoin Store Wallet. 

The deposited amount will be visible instantly.

More information about our physical stores can be found at this link.
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Where can I buy or sell cryptocurrencies in Rijeka?

You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in the Bitcoin Store exchange office in Rijeka. 

Address: Ul. Milana Smokvine Tvrdog 2

Working hours:

  • Monday-Friday 10:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday 10:00 - 14:00

In the Bitcoin Store exchange office in Rijeka, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for cash, and you can seek help from professional staff.

Registered Bitcoin Store platform users can visit any Bitcoin Store physical exchange office and deposit cash on their Bitcoin Store Wallet. 

The deposited amount will be visible instantly.

More information about our physical stores can be found at this link.
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Where can I buy or sell cryptocurrencies in Osijek?

You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for cash (EUR) at the Bitcoin Store branch in Osijek.

Address: Županijska ulica 16, Osijek

In addition to buying or selling cryptocurrencies for cash, you can also seek help from professional staff at the Bitcoin Store branch in Osijek.

If you have an account on the Bitcoin Store platform, you can also deposit funds (EUR) to your Bitcoin Store Wallet in the Bitcoin Store branch.

You can find more information about physical branches at this link.
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What do I need in order to buy or sell cryptocurrency with cash?

If you want to buy a cryptocurrency with cash in the Bitcoin Store exchange office, you need to prepare the following:

  • money for payment (cash in EUR),
  • address of the wallet where the purchased cryptocurrency will be sent (it is recommended to have the wallet address in digital form, e.g., QR code).

*Note: All transactions from EUR 1000,00 and larger require identity confirmation in the exchange office (via ID card).

If you want to sell cryptocurrencies for cash in the Bitcoin Store exchange office, you need to prepare the following:

  • a wallet where your cryptocurrencies are stored,
  • In the selling process, you need to send the cryptocurrency to the address given to you by a store employee.

The cash will be paid out upon successful receipt of the cryptocurrency.
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Do you offer hardware wallets?

Yes. Bitcoin Store offers the most reliable hardware wallets for secure cryptocurrency storage:

  • Trezor hardware wallet
  • Ledger hardware wallet

Hardware wallets are available exclusively at Bitcoin Store exchange offices.
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