New Bitcoin Store Wallet App: What's New and How to Get Started?

01/09/2023, 03:33 PM

New Bitcoin Store Wallet App: What's New and How to Get Started?

We proudly present the new version of the Bitcoin Store Wallet application for simple trading and managing your cryptocurrencies.

We're kicking off the new year with a new version of the Bitcoin Store Wallet app.

In line with our goal of creating quality financial products and providing the best service, we have introduced many new features within this app that will make buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrencies more accessible than ever.

The app was released today and is available for all Android and iOS devices.

What's new in the Bitcoin Store Wallet app?

New user-centric interface

The new user interface allows the user to navigate the application more efficiently. The goal was to simplify the following:

  • the cryptocurrency search process,
  • buying, selling, storing, transferring cryptocurrencies,
  • monitoring investment value in real-time.
New Bitcoin Store Wallet app for easier buying, selling, storing, and transferring cryptocurrencies displayed on two iPhone devices.

Easily buy, sell, store and transfer cryptocurrencies

The advanced user interface has simplified buying, selling, and transferring over 150 cryptocurrencies from the Bitcoin Store offer.

The new Wallet dashboard gives the user more structured data, which means every user can easily follow the transactions' history and therefore keep track of portfolio performance efficiently.

Simple monitoring of market prices in real time

In the "Prices" section, users can see which cryptocurrencies are currently trending. On the other hand, all cryptocurrencies can be quickly sorted by price change percentage or current popularity.

Each cryptocurrency contains detailed information about the number of tokens in circulation, the highest and lowest price, a graph, etc.

You can add your favorite cryptocurrencies to the "Favorites list" and set automatic price alerts.

Card payments and deposits

In addition to the existing payment methods, you can now make a card payment through the application.

Furthermore, you can make a cash deposit in one of the Bitcoin Store walk-in exchanges. The deposited amount will be immediately visible in your Bitcoin Store Wallet.

Improved security

The new version of Bitcoin Store Wallet also includes improved security measures to protect user funds. In addition to 2FA double authentication, you can activate biometric protection (fingerprint authentication).

Referral program

Within your profile, you can track the percentage of earnings you've made by inviting your friends to use Bitcoin Store platform.

How to get started with the new Bitcoin Store Wallet app?

All you need to do is download the new version of the Bitcoin Store Wallet app.

Note: the old version of the Bitcoin Store Wallet application will not be supported after 01/20/2023, so we advise you to download the new application in time.