Bitcoin Store introducing: CryptoTag - Your Ultimate Seed Phrase Protector

10/10/2023, 03:00 PM

Bitcoin Store introducing: CryptoTag - Your Ultimate Seed Phrase Protector

Meet CryptoTag: the titanium plate designed for long-term storage of your seed phrases.

Bitcoin Store is thrilled to unveil a new must-have item that takes your cryptocurrency security to the next level.

Now, in addition to our tried-and-true hardware wallets like Ledger, you can find the cutting-edge CryptoTag, Zeus model, at our physical locations in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, and Osijek.

CryptoTag titanium plates designed for long-term storage of cryptocurrency wallet seed phrases. It's compatible with popular hardware cryptocurrency wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

CryptoTag is a physical storage solution that ensures the safekeeping of your your cryptocurrency wallet's seed phrase.

CryptoTag product supports major cryptocurrency wallets such as Ledger, Trezor, Exodus.

The CryptoTag package includes two durable titanium plates where you can permanently engrave your seed phrases.

Why is backing up your seed phrase crucial?

When you're setting up a new cryptocurrency wallet, one of the first steps involves generating a random sequence of words, commonly referred to as a "seed phrase."

This string of words acts like a master password for accessing your crypto assets.

Typically, a seed phrase is a combination of 12 to 24 words, (the number depends on your cryptocurrency wallet type).

Seed phrase is your last resort for recovering your funds if your wallet ever gets lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised.

So, it goes without saying—secure storage of your seed phrase is non-negotiable.

Most crypto enthusiasts write down their seed phrase on a piece of paper and stash it away in a secret spot.

While it might seem convenient to save a digital copy on your computer or phone, doing so is often considered risky due to the higher risk of hacking.

That's why savvy crypto holders are turning to physical storage solutions.

Some are even stepping up their game by opting for more robust seed phrase protection, recognizing that a paper backup has its limitations.

This growing demand for a fail-safe storage option led the innovators at CryptoTag to create a premium product.

Their titanium plate is designed to withstand extreme conditions—whether it's fire, water, or even a dramatic fall.

CryptoTag Zeus - product features

CryptoTag Zeus is more than just a piece of hardware; it's your ultimate safeguard for preserving your all-important seed phrase.

CryptoTag consists of two titanium plates that enable users to engrave their seed phrase and save it on a secure spot.

Unmatched Durability: The titanium plates in the CryptoTag Zeus set can withstand extreme conditions — they're fireproof up to 3032°F and resistant to both corrosion and erosion.

Your seed phrase is safe, no matter what the world throws at it.

User-Friendly: No technical expertise needed here. Just engrave your seed phrase onto the titanium plates using the provided titanium precision needle. Once engraved, just stash your CryptoTag in a safe spot.

Budget-Friendly: High security doesn't have to mean high cost. CryptoTag Zeus offers robust protection for your seed phrase without breaking the bank.

How to use CryptoTag Zeus - A quick guide

CryptoTag Zeus product is available at Bitcoin Store, and it comes with:

  • Titanium plates
  • A precision engraving tool
  • Earplugs
  • A setup guide, complete with a BIP39 word list

Storing Your Seed Phrase Has Never Been Easier

1. Fill in the words of your crypto wallet's seed phrase in the form that comes with the titanium plates.

2. Refer to the included BIP39 word list (a standard in the crypto world) in the setup guide. Each seed word will have a corresponding number. Write down these numbers in the form where you initially recorded your seed phrase.

3. Engrave these numbers onto the titanium plates in the specified order. Once done, keep the plates in a secure location.

For a comprehensive walkthrough, check out our upcoming video tutorial.

Additional tips for using CryptoTag

  • When engraving, make sure each number is both clear and deep to ensure long-lasting storage.
  • It's wise to keep the two titanium plates in different secure locations. That way, you've got a backup if one plate ever gets lost or stolen.

CryptoTag Zeus isn't just user-friendly; it's also accessible to most cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Starting today, find CryptoTag Zeus at Bitcoin Store locations in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, and Osijek.

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