Store Finance (SEF): The native token of the Bitcoin Store platform

08/07/2023, 12:45 PM

Store Finance (SEF): The native token of the Bitcoin Store platform

Learn all about Store Finance (SEF), the cryptocurrency that acts as the driving force behind the Bitcoin Store ecosystem.

What is the Store Finance (SEF) token?

Store Finance, (symbol SEF), is the native "utility" token of the Bitcoin Store cryptocurrency exchange platform.

It is a cryptocurrency that provides users with various benefits through the use of current and future services on the Bitcoin Store platform.

The SEF token is primarily used for paying lower transaction fees on the Bitcoin Store platform.

As the ecosystem continues to evolve and expand, the functionalities and potential applications of the SEF token will correspondingly broaden.

How does it works? Technical features of the Store Finance (SEF) token

Store Finance (SEF) is an ERC-20 token. It was issued on the Ethereum network. The token will also be issued on the BNB blockchain as BEP-20 token.

In the long run, this feature will give token more flexibility and operability.

The Store Finance (SEF) token has a total supply of 200 million tokens.

The illustration shows a vault that symbolizes the maximum supply of the Store Finance (SEF) token.

The benefits of Store Finance (SEF) token

As announced in the SEF token's Whitepaper, Bitcoin Store will develop new services and products over the next two years.

Introducing these new services and products aligns with our goal to offer users easier options for managing their cryptocurrencies (beyond the existing trading option on the Bitcoin Store platform).

Infographics and tables show a timeline of the development of new services and products on the Bitcoin Store platform.

Over the next two years, users will be able to:

  • Stake their cryptocurrencies
  • Use their cryptocurrencies for crypto loans
  • Have access to VISA cards for cryptocurrency payments
  • Have a unique IBAN account

The Store Finance token will be a central element that will connect all platform services, and in doing so, provide users with various benefits.

Lower transaction fees

Users with SEF token will be able to save 30% on the trading fees, both on online platform and physical cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to pay lower fees with the SEF token?

First, you will need to own some Store Finance (SEF) token in order to unlock this feature.

If you already have SEF token in you Bitcoin Store Wallet follow these instructions:

1. Log into your own Bitcoin Store account.

2. Within the Bitcoin Store Wallet, click on the profile settings icon in the top right corner.

A screenshot of the Bitcoin Store Wallet app shows how to pay smaller fees when trading cryptocurrencies.

3. Click on the "Discount on trading fees" section.

4. Enable the toggle button to turn on the option to pay 30% smaller fees with SEF token.

The Bitcoin Store Wallet app screenshot shows how to turn on the feature to pay 30% less on cryptocurrency trading fees.

Cryptocurrency staking

Following the introduction of the staking program, users will also be able to stake their own SEF tokens.

By staking SEF tokens for a certain period, users will receive specific incentives and rewards.

Additionally, users will have the opportunity to leverage their SEF tokens to participate in the crypto loan program.

Benefits of the Referral Program

Through the SEF token referral program, which involves inviting friends and acquaintances to purchase and further use the tokens, users can reap additional benefits while trading cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Early Access to New Projects

Crypto enthusiasts who are constantly in search of early projects (that have not become "mainstream") will be able to participate in the Bitcoin Store Launchpad  program and attend token sales.

Many investors in the crypto industry strive to find a project in its early stage (before it becomes popular) hoping that it will skyrocket in value over a certain period.

Those who succeed usually secure substantial returns on their initial investment.

In essence, a Launchpad is an incubator for new crypto projects that provides such investors with an opportunity for earlier access at a more favorable price before they get listed on global crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin Store platform users who hold Store Finance (SEF) tokens will be able to participate exclusive token sales of a new project on the Launchpad.