Please carefully read the General Terms and Conditions of Digital Assets d.o.o. (hereinafter: Terms) whenever you access our websites, use Bitcoin Store services, and before opening a Bitcoin Store account. By accepting the Terms, you confirm that you have been acquainted with, understood, and agreed to them and that you consent to the rules, conditions, and obligations. If you do not agree with any of the Terms, please do not access our platform or use our services.


The issuer of these Terms and provider of Bitcoin Store services is:
Digital Assets d.o.o.
Hrvatske mornarice 1/C, 21000 Split, Croatia
Registered at the Commercial Court in Split
Company’s registration number: 060297216   VAT: 37096783668

Digital Assets d.o.o. is listed in the Register of Virtual Asset Service Providers, managed by the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA). Since that Digital Assets d.o.o. holds a significant position in the virtual asset market in the Republic of Croatia, registration in the registry is not just a formality but a clear confirmation of commitment to the highest standards, and a guarantee of security and reliability for our customers.

Bitcoin Store is the brand name of the company Digital Assets d.o.o.

These Terms represent a valid and legally binding Contract between Digital Assets d.o.o. (hereinafter: we, us, our, Company) as a provider of Bitcoin Store services, on one side, and you as a Customer and/or visitor of our websites, on the other side.

The Terms define the Bitcoin Store services, including, but not limited to, the use of websites, mobile applications, accounts, and payment services in the Company's business network and contractual partners.

The Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy (hereinafter: related Policies) are integral to these Terms. By using our services, you conditionally accept the Terms and related policies.


Bitcoin Store branches (hereinafter: Branches) is a collective name for physical crypto exchanges owned by the Company and partner exchanges.

Bitcoin Store platform (hereinafter: Platform) is a collective name for the website, and the mobile application Bitcoin Store Wallet.

Bitcoin Store services (hereinafter: Services) are the Company's services through the Platform and Branches.

Bitcoin Store Wallet (hereinafter: Account) is a service within the Bitcoin Store Platform that allows buying, selling, exchanging, and storing cryptocurrencies, depositing and withdrawing fiat currencies (EUR) to/from Bitcoin Store Accounts, and enables tracking the status of Customers' investments in real-time. Bitcoin Store Wallet is also the name of the mobile application owned by the Company that provides cryptocurrency trading services.

Customer (hereinafter also as you, yours) is a natural or legal person who uses the Services or visits the Company's websites. A Verified Customer is a natural or legal person who has passed the mandatory verification process, i.e., identity verification (the so-called "Know Your Customer" or "KYC" process), and can use all Services.

Fiduciary currency (hereinafter: fiat currency) is issued by a country's central bank or public body and designated as the only legal means of payment. EUR in the text refers to the euro, the official currency of the Republic of Croatia and a more significant number of European Union member states.

Referral Program represents a tool that encourages Referrers to recommend Bitcoin Store services to their immediate environment, such as family, friends, and others, through a unique link.

Referral Program Reward is a fiat reward the Referrer earns for each successful transaction of the Referred Customer's Account.

Referrer is a natural or legal person with an activated Bitcoin Store account and invites another natural or legal person to become a Customer and use Bitcoin Store services via a unique link, thus earning a reward from the Bitcoin Store Referral Program.

Referred Customer is a natural or legal person who receives the unique link from the Referrer and creates an account through that link.

Transaction is any receipt, expenditure, transfer from account to account, exchange, storage, disposal, and another handling of fiat currency and cryptocurrency within the Platform.

Unique link is a special connection tied to a Customer Account, and invites Referred Customers to create an account through the Bitcoin Store platform so that the Referrer can earn rewards from the Referral Program.


The contract between the Company and the Customer is concluded indefinitely.

The agreement terminates upon cancellation by one of the contracting parties.

The Company has the right to terminate the contract with the Customer at any time by sending a notice to the Customer's e-mail address, if:

  • the Customer has violated the provisions of these Terms, relevant laws, and regulations,
  • the Customer has concealed material facts,
  • the Customer has used the Account unlawfully or for illegal purposes,
  • there is proven suspicion that the Customer has committed an offense, a criminal act, or violated the provisions of the relevant law,
  • persistent security suspicion or legal reason is established,
  • other circumstances represent a potential risk to the Company's operations.

The Customer has the right to terminate the contract with the Company at any time:

  • by sending a request to the e-mail address:
  • by submitting a request to one of our Branches,
  • by sending a request by regular mail to the Company's address or
  • by deleting the Account within your Customer Profile (under the Personal Data/Delete Account option).

Note: Upon deactivation of the Account, it will not be possible to reactivate it.


By accepting these Terms, the Customer confirms that they are aware that cryptocurrency trading is subject to high risk as their value can drastically increase or decrease at any time.

The Company disclaims any liability for the consequences of a decision made or an opportunity missed.

The Customer confirms that they are aware of all potential risks that may result in losing their assets, for example, by losing a password or other security codes.

The Company will never ask the Customer for any password, nor will it request the transfer of any funds to any account!

The Company bears no responsibility to the Customer in cases of loss of funds if the loss is:

  • caused by false representation or falling for scams by a third party, or executing a transaction without the Customer consent,
  • caused by the Customer’s intentional or accidental error in executing a transaction,
  • occurred during cryptocurrency trading, i.e., as a result of an unfavorable price difference that may lead to partial or complete loss of funds,
  • occurred due to unauthorized use of the Account.

Keep your saved passwords private and change them regularly!

Cryptocurrency can become worthless or illiquid, and as such, the Company may remove it from its offer.


Services provided by the Company through the Platform:

For Verified Customers:

  • deposit of fiat currency (EUR) to the Account via bank transfer and payment cards,
  • purchasing cryptocurrency with fiat currency (EUR),
  • selling cryptocurrency for fiat currency (EUR),
  • depositing cryptocurrency to the Account,
  • transferring cryptocurrencies to/from other digital wallets,
  • storing cryptocurrencies in the Account,
  • storing fiat currency in the Account,
  • real-time investment tracking,
  • POS system for legal entities (payment option in BTC and ETH, payout in EUR).

Services provided by the Company through the Branches:

For Customers without an open Account:

  • cash purchase of cryptocurrencies (EUR),
  • cash sale of cryptocurrencies (EUR),
  • non-cash transactions: bank transfers for purchasing/selling cryptocurrencies,
  • offering hardware wallets,
  • possibility of consultation.

For Verified Customers:

  • all previously mentioned services provided by the Company through Branches,
  • a cash deposit of fiat currency (EUR) to top up the Account.



The Company offers account opening services for individuals and legal entities.

Upon registration and verification of the Account within the Platform, the Customer expressly agrees to these Terms and related Policies and confirms that:

  • they are at least 18 years old,
  • they have the total business capacity, and
  • they can independently perform transactions involving purchasing, selling, and transferring cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

The Company opens Accounts only for Customers who are residents and citizens of the EU and SEPA zone. Supported countries are Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Customer may open only one Account in their name or the name of a legal entity.

The Customer is solely responsible for providing their personal information and documents. The Company is not liable for any action leading to the unauthorized use of the Customer’s identity.

The Company reserves the right to refuse to open an Account if the Customer does not meet the requirements for opening an Account, if there is suspicion of the correctness of the Customer's data during registration and/or verification or indications of abuse of Services.


During the Account registration, the Customer:

  • chooses the option to open an Account as an individual or a legal entity,
  • selects the country of residence,
  • enters personal information: name and surname, email address, password to be used when accessing the Account,
  • confirms that they are 18 years old or older and accept these Terms,
  • chooses whether they want to be informed about marketing activities and crypto news, and
  • ensures that they want to open an Account.

When registering a business Account, the Customer additionally enters the following information:

  • company name,
  • company address,
  • City,
  • tax identification number (TIN), and
  • confirms whether they are an authorized person to represent the company.

An activation link for opening an Account is sent to the Customer's email address, and by clicking on the link, the Customer confirms the opening of the Account.

After successfully registering the Account, the User will receive an email stating that the Account has been opened and that they can verify the Account to be able to use all Services.


During personal Account verification, the Customer:

  • enters additional personal information: mobile number, address, postal code, city,
  • confirms these Terms and thus initiates the verification process.

For successful personal Account verification, the Customer must pass the identity verification process (i.e., KYC) consisting of the following:

  • confirming the Customer's mobile number via SMS message,
  • uploading personal identification documents for an individual,
  • taking a selfie of the Customer (a mobile device/personal computer with camera access is required),
  • completing a Questionnaire with additional questions.

During the verification of a business account, the Customer must:

  • go through the verification and identity determination process as an individual,
  • provide official documentation of the legal entity.

More information about the verification process can be found in the AML & KYC Policy.

More information about collecting, processing, and storing personal data can be found in the related Policies.


The Customer must always ensure that their data is updated and accurate. The Customer is responsible for informing the Company of any personal data/identification document change.

The Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Account-related data and passwords and restricting access to their mobile device and/or personal computer and accepts responsibility for all activities within the Account.

The Company recommends Customers activate two-factor authentication (2FA) to prevent data theft or unauthorized use of funds and data.

The Customer agrees not to share their email and password with third parties or allow them to use their Account.

The Customer can manage fiat currency and trade cryptocurrencies while the Account is active.

Fiat currency in the Account is not subject to the Deposit Insurance System Act in the Republic of Croatia nor other laws and regulations of EU/SEPA zone member countries governing deposit insurance.

The Customer has no right to interest on holding fiat currency in the Account.

The Customer agrees that their access to the Account may be revoked at any time if it involves activities contrary to the Company's business.

The Company can request additional information and documents from the Customer by applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies. If the Customer refuses to provide the requested information, the Company can deactivate and/or delete the Account.


The Customer may authorize another person to manage the funds in the Account.

The competent authority must notarize a power of attorney and not be older than three months.

The Customer is solely responsible for all actions of their authorized representative. The Company is not obligated to inform the Customer about their representative's actions.

The Company is not liable for any consequences if the Customer's authorized representative does not act by the provisions of these Terms.

A power of attorney ceases to be valid when the Company receives a statement or confirmation of revocation of the Customer's authorized representative upon closing the Customer's Account or upon delivery of a report or proof of the death of the Customer or the Customer's authorized representative.


Fiat currency stored in the Account belongs exclusively to the person who opened the Account (Customer).

Customers can keep fiat currency only in EUR.

There is no minimum deposit amount for fiat currency.

Supported methods for depositing fiat currency into the Account:

  • Cash deposit at the Branch: fiat currency is immediately visible in the Account
  • Non-cash transaction through:
    • Bank transfer – fiat currency will be visible in the Account when your bank executes the payment order to the Company. The Customer will receive payment instructions containing the Company's bank details and a reference number for the fiat currency deposit. The Customer can make the payment order through Internet/mobile banking or physically go to the bank, post office, or other payment institutions. Note: In the case of a deposit by bank transfer, it is mandatory to enter the "Reference Number" in the field Payment Description.
    • Payment card – fiat currency will be visible in the Account when the card issuer bank executes the payment order to the Company. When purchasing cryptocurrencies, the Customer must enter the card information: cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and CVC number. The Company will not execute the transaction if the payment card is not issued in the Customer's name. The Customer is solely responsible for using a card issued in their name, and the Company has no responsibility to inform the Customer if the Customer's authorized representative uses their payment card unauthorized.

Supported method for withdrawing fiat currency from the Account:

  • non-cash transactions through bank transfer to a personal bank account opened within the SEPA zone.

The Company does not influence deadlines and dynamics in executing orders from third parties. The usual time for transferring funds is 1-3 business days.

The Company is in no way responsible for the non-execution of the order or delay in execution of an incorrectly entered payment order or in the case where a third party does not approve the given order.

A non-cash transaction is authorized if made from the Customer's bank account or the Customer's personal payment card.

The Company is not responsible for the unauthorized use of the mentioned accounts or cards. The Company is unable to stop any transaction subject to unauthorized use.

The Company may request payment confirmation from the Customer to determine all transaction-related details.

The Company reserves the right to refuse a transaction if it is not following these Terms due to legal or other reasons upon the order of the competent authorities. Refusal of a transaction implies that it has never been received.

The Company reserves the right to suspend the service to the Customer if there is any suspicion that the funds have been obtained unlawfully.


The minimum amount for buying and selling cryptocurrencies is 0.01 EUR.


The purchase of cryptocurrencies with fiat currency can be executed:

  • by cash transaction at the Branch,
  • by the non-cash transaction at the Branch,
  • with fiat currency available in the Account.


The sale of cryptocurrencies for fiat currency can be executed:

  • for cash at the Branch,
  • by the non-cash transaction at the Branch,
  • by the non-cash transaction to the Account.


The minimum amount for transferring cryptocurrencies depends on the type of cryptocurrency and the blockchain network being used.

The Customer is aware that cryptocurrency transfers are irreversible.

The Company cannot reverse or revoke a cryptocurrency transfer if it has been sent to an incorrect deposit address.

Note: For transfers of cryptocurrencies to personal wallets, a withdrawal fee must be paid, which will be displayed during the process.

The speed of cryptocurrency transfers depends on the blockchain networks through which the cryptocurrencies are transferred, the saturation of these networks, and the type of wallet being used to send them. The Company is not responsible for any delays in cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals.

After a successful purchase/sale/transfer, the Company will send a confirmation of the purchase/sale/transfer will be sent to the email address in PDF format. The Customer must have a correct email address and inform the Company of any change.


The Company does not charge fees for opening or closing an Account.

The Company does not charge a commission for the purchase/sale of cryptocurrencies but instead displays a purchase/sale exchange rate that includes all transaction costs.

The Company does not charge fees for cash and bank non-cash transactions of fiat currency.

The transaction amount will be executed in EUR for Customers who use a payment card to deposit fiat currency to the Account. The cost of depositing fiat currency is 2.5%, which the Customer pays. The issuing bank of your card will perform the conversion rate. The Company is not responsible for any additional conversion costs.

Cryptocurrencies are purchased/sold exclusively at their purchase/sale exchange rate. The Company will display the amount the Customer must pay when placing an order for the purchase/sale of cryptocurrencies.

The current price of cryptocurrencies on our Platform is expressed at the average exchange rate.

During the process of purchasing/selling cryptocurrencies, the current purchase/sale exchange rate will be displayed.

The Bitcoin Store exchange rate may differ by 0.5% - 5% compared to the exchange rates of global exchanges. In the case of selling cryptocurrencies, the Customer will be paid an amount expressed exclusively in EUR.

The exchange rate for non-cash transactions is more favourable than the rate for cash transactions. The exchange rate for cash transactions is visible at the Company's offices and changes in real time. In the Company's offices, you can also get the exchange rate for non-cash transactions if you tell our staff that you want to make a bank deposit/withdrawal.

By accepting these Terms, the Customer confirms understanding the exchange rate and is informed that the rate is updated every second and can change when placing an order, depending on global movements.

The Company is not responsible for changes in the exchange rate or the transfer of cryptocurrencies at the time of the change.


The Company has the right to temporarily disable access to the Account funds upon the Account owner's request, in case of the Customer's death, based on a court order and other decisions and orders of competent authorities by the law.

The Company has the right to refuse a transaction, limit access, or close the Account without prior notice and any liability in the following cases:

  • if there is doubt about the authenticity of previously obtained data or documents and other documentation,
  • if there are reasons to suspect money laundering or financing of terrorism,
  • if the Customer has not provided the requested additional information or documentation,
  • if the Customer has not informed the Company about significant changes in data that the Company must have according to legal regulations,
  • if the Customer in any way damages the reputation of the Company,
  • if the Customer does not comply with these Terms and Associated Policies and all other Company Terms and Policies.

The Customer has the right to submit a request to close the Account at any time. If the request is sent in writing, it must be signed by the Customer.

In case of closing the Account, the Customer must first transfer their fiat currency to another account and cryptocurrencies to another digital wallet.

If the Customer has exclusively used a payment card or cash to top up the Account, they must provide their bank account IBAN to receive fiat currency payment.

The Customer's authorized representative or successor can only close the Account with an extraordinary power of attorney empowering them to close it.

Deleting the Account does not erase personal data collected during the verification process. For more details, please read the Privacy Policy.



By sharing a unique link to obtain rewards from the Referral Program, the Referrer is considered to agree to these Terms. They should not use or receive the benefits mentioned if they disagree with the Terms or any part thereof.

The Referred Customer must be a person at least 18 years old and a resident of a country where the Company provides its services. Otherwise, they cannot participate in the Referral Program.

A Customer who registered and activated their Account before receiving the unique Referral Program link cannot be a Referred Customer.


The Referral Program is executed by the Bitcoin Store Account Referrer sending a unique link to the Referred Customer.

Once the Referred Customer creates a Customer account and completes a transaction, the Referrer receives 20% of the Company's revenue from that transaction and all future transactions by the Referred Customer.

Referrers can earn Referral Program rewards for two years from opening the Referred Customer's Account, and the number of referrals by the Referrer is unlimited.

The Referrer earns a referral program reward when the Referred Customer completes a cash transaction in the Branches or an online transaction through the Platform or mobile application.

Earnings from the Referral Program are added to the Referrer's Account within 24 hours of the successful transaction by the Referred Customer.

If a person receives more than one Referral link, the link that the person last clicked and created an account within the same session is counted towards Referrer.

If the Referred Customer receives multiple unique Referral Program links, the last clicked link is activated, and the Account is created through it.

The unique link to obtain rewards through the Referral Program should be used as a personal invitation and for non-commercial purposes.

The Referrer can view their earnings from completed referrals on their Bitcoin Store account.


The Referrer's data is used only to establish the relationship between the Referrer who sent the unique link and the Referred Customer who received it and created an account, as well as to fulfil the Company's obligations to the Referrer and Referred Customer based on these Terms. Customers can find the Privacy Policy for more information on handling personal data.


The Company may refuse the Referrer or Referred Customer's participation in the Loyalty Program if it suspects any fraud, manipulation, abuse of the Referral Program rules, or technical errors.

In such cases, it will not bear any liability towards the Referrer or any other person for the mentioned actions.

By accepting these Terms, the Referrer agrees that:

  • they will not engage in offensive activities, violate the Terms, or are false,
  • they will not use the unique link or the Bitcoin Store name in a harmful or abusive context.

In cases of violation of any Terms, the Company reserves the right to:

  • deactivate the Referrer's Account,
  • refuse to create a Referred Customer account,
  • deactivate the unique link for the Referral Program and mark all referrals resulting from such activities as ineligible for reward payouts,
  • retain or cancel due or already paid rewards,
  • review and investigate all executed activities of the Referral Program when deemed necessary.


The Company reserves the right to cancel, discontinue, or change the terms of the referral program at any time and without prior notice, which applies to:

  • changing the criteria of the Referral Program,
  • changing the rewards of the Referral Program,
  • changing the participation terms for the Referral Program,
  • changing the Terms due to the risk of fraud, changing market conditions, or other reasons.


The Customer uses the Platform solely at their own risk.

The Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Account information and passwords and restricting access to their personal mobile device or personal computer and accepts responsibility for all activities within their Account.

The Customer must take all protective measures to prevent the loss, theft, misuse, and unauthorized use of their Account.

The Customer must promptly notify the Company of any loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized use of personal data, or unauthorized execution of transactions through the Account.

The Customer confirms that they will not use the Platform and Services for any purposes that are illegal, unethical, or contrary to these Terms.

The Customer agrees to indemnify the Company and its employees, partners, service providers, and other natural and legal persons for damages arising from violating these Terms or our Services.

The Customer confirms that they will not use the Platform to introduce viruses or other tools that deliberately endanger the computer system and all associated activities.

The entire content of the domain, as well as the Bitcoin Store Wallet mobile application, is our property.

Copying, reselling, publishing, and/or modifying any part of the Platform without the Company's consent is strictly prohibited.

The Customer is responsible for all taxes that may apply to transactions they conduct or receive.

The Customer reports and pays the tax to the appropriate tax authority. Cryptocurrency tax rules may vary depending on the laws of the country where the Customer is a resident.


The Company does not guarantee that the Platform will operate continuously or without difficulties.

The Company reserves the right to modify features within the Platform, upgrade the system, improve security on the Platform, as well as suspend or disable access and transaction execution at any time and without notice.

Services may also be unavailable due to regular system maintenance (Customers will be notified about this) or in the event of extraordinary circumstances that will be resolved as soon as possible.

This liability statement applies to any damage or injury arising from errors, interruptions, delays in operation or data transmission, computer viruses, network failure, or any other action and force majeure.

The Company reserves the right to limit Services, remove cryptocurrency from its offering, and cancel transactions due to market disruptions, difficulties in third-party service distribution, hacker attacks, and other unexpected risks. The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by these events. The Company will notify Customers of any changes via email.


The collected data is in electronic form and protected by an SSL certificate that encrypts personal information, ensuring communication between Customers and the Platform occurs via a secure protocol.

Customer data protection is taken very seriously.

Appropriate technical and organizational precautionary measures and tests are taken to protect personal data and prevent the loss, misuse, destruction, disclosure, unauthorized access, or changes to personal data.

Security measures such as 2-factor authentication, passwords when accessing Customers' accounts, monitoring Customer activity, etc., aim to provide maximum security for personal data protection.

The integrated protection method ensures that the Customer's data is not automatically available to other individuals, but only the data necessary for processing is processed.

The Customer agrees not to open, forward, or respond to suspicious senders' emails, attachments, and links.

The Customer knows that all Platform emails end with,,,,, and


Submitting a written complaint is possible by mail to the address of the Company's headquarter mentioned above and by email:

Note: If the request is sent by email, using the same email address registered in the Customer profile is mandatory.

The Company will provide the receipt of the complaint and respond within 30 days from the date of receipt.

The response time may be extended for complex or multiple requests, with the Customer being informed of the extended deadline.


These Terms are governed and interpreted by the Laws of the Republic of Croatia. In the event of a dispute, the parties will resolve disputes at the Commercial Court in Split.

The European Commission, through the Online Dispute Resolution platform, provides access to efficient online dispute resolution, thus offering a safer and fairer online service. You can access the platform via the link:


The Company reserves the right to change any part of the Platform and these Terms and their components and will not be liable for any consequences arising from such changes.

In the event of changes to these Terms and related policies, the Company will inform Customers of the services electronically about the intended changes.

The notice will be sent to the Customer's email address registered in the Account, at the latest, simultaneously with the publication of these changes.

The Customer accepts the Terms and all changes and amendments to the Terms if the Customer does not submit a written complaint within 15 days from publication or receipt of the notice.

The Customer must refer to the Terms and related Policies whenever you access our Platform.

The Terms and related policies, as well as changes and amendments, come into effect at the moment of publication on the Platform.

These amended Terms come into effect on December 18, 2023, and replace those applicable before that date.